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  • Junior Professional Programme - Still no end!

  • Mobility and European Schools in Brussels

  • More spaces for bikes at the Commission

  • Green tip

  • Toy collection campaign for "Arc-en-ciel"

  • "Adults in the room" - When cinema speaks of Europe

  • #Biodiversity : Judgment in Case C-674/17 Finnish wolves

  • Quiz - win a 35€ voucher at Filigranes!

  • French version

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  • Pension scheme in review?

  • The small European Manhattan project - L130

  • Open Space & Workspace of the future in the Commission

  • The court of auditor's report and the ageing Commission workforce


  • LSC Conference

  • Quiz - win a 35€ voucher at Filigranes!

  • French version



  • Mobility week

  • Strike for Climate 20/09

  • Certification exercise 2019

  • Contract Agents : the right to progress in the Institution

  • New Commission: The challenge of an attractive European public service

  • Quiz - win a 35€ voucher at Filigranes!


JUNE 2019

  • Promotion exercise 2019

  • TAO-AFI petition for Climate friendly and healthier food in our canteens

  • EU Staff for Climate petition

  • Temporary Agents : Juncker Commission is looking to change the rules to bypass the competitions

  • Quiz - win a 35€ voucher at Filigranes!


MAY 2019

  • Mobility plan for transport modes

  • Open space: we say no

  • Sickness fund: review of the general rules

  • Rewriting the rules of European Economy

  • Quiz - win a 35€ voucher at Filigranes!


MARCH 2019

  • Staff Survey 2018 : Some embarrassing results for the Commission

  • European Schools : to be continued

  • Promotion exercise 2019

  • Contract Agents : TAO-AFIs proposal

  • European Parliament & Commission sentenced by the European Court of Justice

  • Quiz!! Another chance to win a gift voucher to spend at Filigranes!



  • Air quality in the European area

  • Commission's real estate plans

  • Petition : Healthier food in our canteens

  • Atlas / Sysper is watching you!

  • Dignity @ work

  • Quiz!!!!! Win a 50€ gift voucher to spend at Filigranes

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TAO-AFI, the Association of Independent Officials, is pleased to introduce this new communication format. 
Our aim is to inform you of the most relevant and topical work-related issues of our institution through this easy and quick-to-read monthly periodical review.
Rapid, concise and to the point.
We hope you will find it useful. 
Your feedback is very welcome, via our website contact page.
Best wishes
Your TAO-AFI team

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