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“The One” is the most recent building to enter the Commission’s building stock. It is located Rue de la Loi, number 107, opposite Charlemagne and L130.

It was chosen for several reasons, including its location and its energy performance. Indeed, its’ geographical location will enable the Commission to regroup as many staff as possible in the European quarter. As for the energy performance, this ultramodern building offers a significant higher energy performance than any other building of our institution.

In addition, signing with “The One” would allow the Commission to save up to 3.300.000€ of rental costs when compared to buildings whose contract will gradually run out and which not only cost more per m² but are also less efficient in terms of energy . The interior architectural work is currently under way. The main configuration will privilege collaborative workspaces and should be ready to gradually welcome staff before summer 2021 vacations. For the time being and at the moment of the publication of this article, discussions are ongoing to decide on which DG’s will be assigned to it.

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