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EC Staff based in Belgium has been promised by EC management an equal pace in the access to vaccination than the one 'enjoyed' by the Belgian population following Belgian local rules of priorities.


For memory, the approach to fully delegate on the Belgian authorities is mainly a political decision based on public opinion fears by our political leaders in the EC. Other international institutions based in Brussels are following a different, pro-active and more independent approach, in the protection of their staff health, often their relatives too, in the present one in a life pandemic situation. Regardless of the justification of the EC policy in this domain, there are many colleagues in the European Commission based in Belgium who would want to have access to the vaccination as soon as possible for a number of legitimate reasons beyond age or vulnerability and who would consider, following their experience with our institution, that the vaccination in the EC Brussels vaccination Center at Breydel will be slower than the regular vaccination process taking place at the Belgian vaccination centres.


In this context, TAO would like to add publicity to the waiting list vaccination options, which are increasingly available in Belgium. These 'waiting list' vaccination doses contribute to a faster general vaccination level of the population and guarantee that no doses are wasted on a daily basis for a number of reasons such as citizens declining or not showing up at the time when they are invited to be vaccinated. The waiting list percentages can be significant. TAO draws your attention to the successful experience in Flanders and Wallonia, see colleagues resident in these regions, who can register through the QVAX website:

As regards the Brussels Region, residents who were born in 1970 or earlier can use on a daily basis the BRU VAX /Doctena website to take appointment at the vaccination centres and receive the remaining vaccines:

Please check out regularly for updates at the official Covid-related information sites:

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