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The extraordinary European council meeting devoted to the 2021-2027 budget of the European Union ended without any agreements. Head of States and national governments were unable to overcome their differences.

The challenge now is to deliver the 1095 billion euros framed in the revised proposal of the President of the European Council, while taking into account the loss of the British contribution, which is around 60 to 75 billion euros. In the current situation, two blacks face each other. Countries like Spain & Greece would like to see an increase of the expenditure side whereas others would prefer to “tighten the belt”. They are referred to as the “Frugal Four”, English nickname given to the four biggest net contributors per inhabitants – Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and Austria. These four argue for a stable envelope of funds of 1% of the Gross national income.

The Presidency’s plan also includes cuts in the institutions’ operating budget (chapter 7).

EC staff cannot live in a situation when, each time a budget is adopted - every 7 years, a reform must be made.

The European institutions must respect the legitimate expectations of staff. Working conditions cannot change all the time, even if the concept of acquired rights is not absolute. The next European budget summit will take place in June.

TAO-AFI along with the other unions of the Alliance group will mobilise staff for this deadline.

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