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On 7 April DG HR launched the annual promotion procedure for 2021. This is the first step in a procedure that ends with the promotion decisions published in the Autumn.

Promotion recognises and rewards professional performance, and as such, is a key element of career development. Commission staff is made up of many highly performing colleagues, who all deserve promotions in the course of their careers. Unfortunately, promotion quotas are limited, and a rough estimate shows that only about 20% of those eligible for promotion are proposed each year.

Directorates General are now putting together an initial list of colleagues to be proposed for promotion in each DG. This list is then discussed with staff representatives who can make recommendations to the Directors General. Following these meetings, DG HR publishes the initial list of officials proposed for promotion, usually in early June.

If you are not on the list of colleagues proposed for promotion and you consider you deserve to be, you will have five working days to file a complaint after the list is published. Performance and results, level of responsibilities and use of languages are the main criteria taken into account when comparing colleagues’ merits for promotion.

Filing a complaint doesn’t automatically bring a promotion, but if you feel you deserve to be promoted – file a complaint! 

TAO-AFI will be at your side, ready to advise and help you.

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