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New decision on working time and hybrid working:
A few breakthroughs, some shortcomings and a clause for review in 18 months

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Telework expenses
It is to the employer to provide them !

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Telework from Abroad
The Commission must learn to trust more in its staff.
Our institution needs to evolve!

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Telework from Abroad
TAO keeps insisting on our plea for a modern, flexible and efficient administration

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EC staff petition to Commissioner Hahn:
TAO's proposal : 60 + 5 days of telework from abroad
4000 and more to endorse our petition

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Conference : Telework from the workers perspective
Read our conclusions...

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TAO welcomes DG INTPAs initiative
The regulation of teleworking must include a clear and effective answer to digital overload


TAO requests ten additional teleworking days from abroad around the summer holidays


Right to disconnect
Teleworking is NOT instant messaging


Teleworking from abroad at Easter
TAO calls for maximum flexibility and empathy in these exceptional circumstances


Telework and risk of burnout:
The EC staff's view

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Teleworking and burnout
Evaluation of the psychosocial risks


How to avoid teleworking burnout?
TAO-AFI calls for actions and suggestions

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