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What we offer


TAO-AFI offers personalised legal assistance for the appraisal, promotions, certification, professional mobility, pré-retirement, pensions, specific contract agents issues. Assistance and advice are also provided in all work related situations such as conflictual work issues, respect of your rights, or career guidance.


TAO-AFI helps you best prepare you to pass the CAST or EPSO open competitions or other selection process, TAO-AFI offers comprehensive training sessions, delivered by renowned and highly qualified professionals in the sector. Other training sessions include among others personal and professional development.


TAO-AFI organises all year round fun events for all its members and to all the personnel such as exhibitions, conferences on topical issues, excursions, shows, hikes, workshops and many more.

Main demands

100% reimbursement for public transport, better coverage of medical expenses, better quality food in our canteens, price discounts for low grades and contract agents, STOP to Open space plans, more promotions for lower grades and pro-active search of talent and faire recognition of merits.

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