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Who we are

TAO-AFI, the Association of Independent Officials, is an official trade union representing all the personnel of the European Commission sharing the democratic values of respect, tolerance, human rights, equal opportunities and rule of law.

We welcome all staff categories and function groups : civil servants, contract or temporary agents, whether you are pre or post 2004 or 2014. Regardless of your origin, gender or age group, we are there for you!

Why join the TAO-AFI

TAO-AFI is one of the most active unions at the European Commission. It is represented by a dynamic team of women and men with strong in-house expertise in all Commission work-related conditions. From a diverse professional background (law, economics, political science, audit, etc), our opinions are based on facts and analysis relaying on experience and a wide network of contacts across the institution.


The difference

  • We are an association independent of any political group or external authority

  • Diverse and dynamic group of experienced colleagues with a marked pro-European vocation and proved work capacity

  • Rigourous proposals

  • You are the reason of the existence of the union, not the other way around. We stand to defend your claims

  • We welcome all staff regardless of category, entry date or nationality. All the personnel is to be defended

  • Our membership fees are one of the lowest. Our actions are exclusively financed by your contributions. Our accounts are audited and presented in full transparency to our members.



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