Successful Actions


The AST SC category within the European Commission refers to ‘Assistant Secretaries and Clerks’, a specific classification of staff members who play crucial roles in administrative and support functions.


We were the first union to address the problem (conference in February 2016 with more than 500 attendants) and to follow the legal and political evolution of the case, as well as assisting the concerned colleagues and their families. Owing to our efforts, the Commission decided to keep the British staff beyond the UK’s exit from EU.

Contract Agents

Fundamental principle of EQUITY and equality of treatment must apply.

Fit at Work Food Quality

Inclusion of this chapter in the “Fit@work” programme. Following our survey, (+/- 6000 respondants), the next call for tenders should bring a significant improvement of the quality of food in canteens.

Mobility / Air Quality

TAO-AFI was the first union to integrate the notions of clean air and sustainable mobility in its programme. Some of our demands, such as 100% reimbursement of tram/train/bus season tickets, biking indemnity, Commission’s actions to improve the quality of air in Brussels are likely to be included in the 2019 regional mobility plan, with the set-up of the Schumann pedestrian area. Our union conducted a strong awarness campaign, calling for collective responsibility aimed at changing the development model through the implementation of concrete measures.

Open Space

Thanks to our opposition, the plan to generalise the open space concept has been frozen (TAXUD, NEAR, etc.)


Telework from Abroad The Commission must learn to trust more in its staff. Our institution needs to evolve!

Transparence Junior Professional Programme CA

Following our public petition addressed to the responsible Commissioner (signed by 1.100 persons of our institution), the programme should be either extended to all CA and AST staff without discrimination, or closed down after the pilot phase.