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Beyond the hustle and bustle, there is another world out there. One of the largest wildernesses in Europe, and we would like to keep it like that…


TAO-AFI is pleased to invite you to a film presentation & conference on :


“Preserving EU Biodiversity”

Berlaymont Cinema room

17:00 – 20:00

  • Wednesday 9th October 2019

  • Monday  14th October 2019

  • Monday 21st October 2019

  • Wednesday 13th November 2019


Trailer available here


The projection will be followed by a presentation on the main biodiversity aspects of Romanian wildlife, representative of the EU wildlife as a whole.


A Q&A session will follow and snacks and refreshments will be offered by TAO-AFI


Our colleague, George Dian Balan, will open the debate and suggest some measures that the Union may take within the framework of the European Green Deal.

Limited places.