REIMBURSEMENTS, ceilings and inflation

The impact of the current rising inflation on medical care and treatment is especially strong . While it is true that there is a wage adjustment mechanism, it is clear that the current situation has a significant financial impact, particularly on lower wage earners. In reality, JSIS coverage has not been adapted sufficiently, leading to situations where there is a clear updating issue.


For example:

• Medical podiatry — the cost per session increased from €36 in 2021 to €40 in 2022 on average: the reimbursement ceiling is €25, meaning that only 62% of the cost is covered not 85% as provided for in the Staff Regulations (Article 72).

• Psychiatric consultation — the average cost of this type of treatment in Belgium is €120 per session but the JSIS ceiling is €60, meaning that only 50% of the cost is covered.


Although the ceilings urgently need to be updated, provision should also be made for a system similar to that of salary adjustment, so that reimbursements are always in accordance with the Staff Regulations and the cost of living. Indeed, we observe that these ceilings have not been updated since 2007!  That’s 15 years ago!


TAO calls for a rapid adjustment of the ceilings for the well-being of all staff, especially for those with low salaries who suffer more as a result of this unacceptable situation.